Building your apps

CreOFF can put your idea in the cloud

There are several cloud hosting solutions out there, but Google’s App Engine is still CreOFF’s favourite.

App Engine is a good choice for:

  • Web services or online software (Software As A service)
  • Sites for big events like rock concerts, international seminars, Royal Weddings
  • Brand activation campaigns and minisites
  • Backends for Flash/Flex/Facebook/mobile games or apps

In fact, any project where traditional servers would have a hard time keeping up with the sudden peaks in traffic will benefit from running on Google’s cloud.

Benefits and limitations of Google App Engine

Google App Engine is a good choice, but not suitable for every project. It’s important to know when to use App Engine and when to use a different solution.


  • Pricing: pay what you use, below quota the hosting is COMPLETELY FREE
  • Automatic scaling: can handle sudden peaks in traffic automatically
  • Decentralized: your app can automatically run on different servers around the world depending on location of users
  • Platform As A Service (PaaS), allows easier deployment and versioning
  • New features and bugfixes being added by Google on a regular basis


  • Several technical constraints to ensure scalability
  • Less suited for very complex database queries and transactions
  • Still very much do-it-yourself, no ready-made open source solutions like WordPress or Drupal available

Get started

Contact CreOFF to see if your idea would benefit from running on Google App Engine. I will gladly discuss the possibilities with you.