03 may 2011

CreOFF can put your idea in the cloud

There are several cloud hosting solutions out there, but Google's App Engine is currently CreOFF's favourite by far.

Because it has such great potential for hosting scalable apps and services CreOFF is promoting Google App Engine usage by offering 25% off normal development rates for App Engine projects for a limited time only. (1)

25% OFF

App Engine is a ...

22 mar 2011

Privacy in the cloud

At a FeWeb+ seminar about legal and privacy issues my cloud related questions didn't get a clear answer, so I decided to do some research on the latest developments in this area. It seems the cloud environment is still something of a “gray zone” and it’s often unclear which laws apply.


The situation now

Being an EU citizen ...

04 mar 2011

The Royal Wedding on Google App Engine


Accenture and Reading Room, creators of the Official Royal Wedding site for Prince William and Catherine Middleton, were faced with the challenge to create a website for an event that will draw worldwide attention and have the site scale and handle the huge peak in visitors before, during and after the event.

They chose to build the site on top ...

04 mar 2011

New CreOFF site is online

The new CreOFF site is online. Or maybe not.
And I have no idea on which server it's running right now.

Sounds confusing?
It's because the site is now running on Google's own cloud infrastructure, which means it should be highly available and scalable, and a copy of the site will be started on a server located ...

08 feb 2011

Google I/O tickets sell out in 59 minutes

The 2011 Google I/O edition in San Francisco looks interesting, but apparently you had to register VERY quickly: Google I/O tickets sell out in 59 minutes...

Apparently the registration site had huge problems keeping up with the sudden burst of visits: what happened? Did the registration site run on an IIS with ColdFusion instead of running on Google ...