04 mar 2011

New CreOFF site is online

The new CreOFF site is online. Or maybe not.
And I have no idea on which server it's running right now.

Sounds confusing?
It's because the site is now running on Google's own cloud infrastructure, which means it should be highly available and scalable, and a copy of the site will be started on a server located ...

10 jan 2011

Python is the programming language of 2010


Well, according to TIOBE that is. TIOBE keeps an index of programming languages popularity. The award is given to the programming language that gained most market share in 2010. Python grew 1.81% since January 2010, with Objective-C holding second place.

Have a look at the rankings on TIOBE's programming language index

28 nov 2010

Fridgemagnets on the cloud

Back in 2006 I made a Fridge Magnet New Year's e-card that allowed you to send fridge magnet messages to your friends. Now that same application is back... and running on steroids.

Fridge magnets

I don't know about you, but whenever I see letter magnets on a fridge I have to resist the urge to change the words on display ...