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Yahoo widgets on a TV near you

Thought Yahoo widgets looked nice on your pc only? Think again! Soon you’ll be able to run widgets on the next generation of TV screens.

TV widgets

Yahoo has made agreements with leading TV manufacturers like Samsung, Sony and LG to use their widget system on the television screens. New chips inside the TVs will carry extra software that…

New Currency calculator widget

Currency Calculator widget

Working internationally? Going on a trip? Then like me you probably have to lookup the current exchange rates for the country you’re dealing with. This is now made easier with your new desktop companion: CreOFF’s Currency Calculator.

Imagine this if you will: you’re planning a trip, looking up flights and hotels etc… Wouldn’t…

Thanks Adobe!

I want to thank Adobe for their gift. What gift? Adobe offered a FREE Thawte developer security certificate to the first 135 or so developers that contributed to their AIR marketplace. And yes, CreOFF is one of the lucky ones.

Why is this of importance to you? Well, if you have ever installed some AdobeĀ® AIR applications on your pc…

VAT widget now on Adobe AIR

VAT widget on Adobe AIRAdobe AIR

The much anticipated Adobe AIR technology version 1.0 was introduced February 25th of this year. It’s a promising platform and that’s why the CreOFF VAT calculator was rewritten for the Adobe AIR platform.

The Adobe AIR version of the CreOFF VAT calculator is based on the…